Hello. My name is Ethan and for the past 4 or 5 years I’ve been working on becoming a webcartoonist. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a cartoonist. I would sit in class and draw silly characters that were very much inspired by Calvin and Hobbes. Later, when I started drawing super heroes, I stressed out about how I would be able to get noticed by Marvel Comics. This was in high school, mind you!

Later in college, a colorist from Udon, Christina Strain, (she was actually good friends with one of my best buds from college and in our graduating class,) came to LSU to give a presentation to our class, and showed us how she colors comics professionally. That was an eyeopener for me in many ways.

Since then, and the discovery of Halfpixel, How to Make Webcomics and the Webcomics Weekly podcast has my goal to become a webcartoonist. I’ll say in 2007 I started playing with ideas for a comic. Using characters I had created during college, I tried to form a solid comic, that fell through.  I eventually started to post random gag-a-day comics on my blog. It was good practice, but I wanted more.

I went after my “baby.” Some of you may know it as Kapu Cove. I had a strong premise, complex character design, but sadly, the comic failed due to several factors. I didn’t invest enough time building a buffer or writing the story. I had a lot of personal issues going on during that time, not to mention since college I’ve been caught up in a little thing called World of Warcraft. 😉

Well after a while I’ve decided to give it yet another go. Taking from what I’ve learned from my past mistakes, and the advice given to me by other webcartoonists, either on twitter or through email.

This is Thelbert. Any thing goes here. I may have a gag one day, and start a story line comic the next. Right now the updates are just two days a week. I’m starting out slow. The website, of course will start to go through some changes, so please, bear with me on that.

I think, if you’ll follow me, it will be a very fun, wild ride.