Two comic creator friends of mine were kind enough to help me out in a tight spot and do a guest comic for today. Joe Hills and Art Frederick engineer a fantastic narrative in both the completed Jack of All Blades, and their newest on going comic,  Jacq of All Blades.

Team Snow Day does ustreams of their comic creations and I have to admit, it’s a fun watch. I’m always interested in seeing other comic creator’s methods and I’m facinated with theirs. Joe and Art don’t draw, or write, or make JAB. They Engineer it. These guys use a combination of 3d modeling for backgrounds, vector Illustrator images of their characters at every possible angle, and an unconventional panel format that keeps your eye moving. They put a ton of work into their comic an it shows! I’m very grateful to have these guys willing to take some time out and do me up a little guest strip!

I know it seems I’m laying it on a little thick, but trust me, it’s folks like Team Snow Day who are the future of webcomics. I urge you all to check out their archives!

I’ll be back on Friday with an update, and hopefully some new content pretty soon! I’m working on, and open to ideas/suggestions for Wallpapers and any other kind of content you’d like to see on the site. The site redesign (on my end at least) is about to go underway, so If you have some cool ideas, please let me know! Thanks!