Starting something new and different that is relevant to my recent interests. I fully intended to start up my super hero comic and/or reboot my “baby” webcomic but when I sat down to work I found an old character design and… well, there we have it. Going to see how this works and for how long I can keep a story comic going. I don’t have a name yet. I’m thinking just “Antique Shop” but it’s very lame. I’m not scripting this comic out. It’s made on the fly. Should be fun to make! Thanks to my wacom tablet breaking I’m shading these and using “Photochop” to make them look old. The idea behind this comic is that it’s drawn in an old wizard’s spell book.  I don’t want to give to much away, but that’s a clue as the setting of this comic.

Till tomorow, this is ethan, that’s Ivan. He likes antiques.

See ya!