I have to admit, things did not go as planned for today’s comic. I had all the flat colors done for the characters, leaving only the shading and background left. I spent about 4 hours and 6 Photoshop crashes on the background, only to convince myself that It was going to be WAY too busy and it would take away from the visual gag.

Here’s the original version as I left it last.

I was worried that the detailed background with it’s blurs and opacity changes would hurt the flow of the comic. What do you think? I thought I was sure this was the case, but now, looking at it, I’m still not sure. The current strip, basically I went with  Michael Scott “Keep it Simple, Stupid”approach.

I guess what I’m saying is I feel like I’ve dropped the ball on this one. It’s weird. I love the concept, I love the illustrations…but the backgrounds just bother me so much. Ah well. Time to move on to Wednesday’s comic!

Oh! and by the way, if by any chance you’re coming to the site for the first time from my Free Comic Book Day mini comic, ” Hello!! Thanks for visiting!” I assure you I don’t go into a in depth self critical analysis rant each time I post a comic.

That said, this is month 3 of Thelbert and I’ve LOVE to get some criticisms from folks who have them. Good or bad, lemme hear it!


“Good Morning Sunshine, awake when the sun hits the sky.”