As with a lot of artists and cartoonists especially, there’s a time where we question our reasons for creating and making comics. I fell into a big rut two months ago, and while I really was ready to just give it up, I kept going.

Three things kept me going.

One: The support, comments and Retweets from my friends and fine folks that read the comic. Your messages on twitter and facebook and the site mean a whole hell of a lot and keep me wanting to make this silly comic. Thank you!

Two: My own passion for making comics. Whenever I get into a rut, my buddy Dave always reminds me that I have this passion to make comics, and that usually can get me back on the right track.

Three and the reason for this comic: Brad Guigar. For those who don’t know, Brad is one fourth of the members of Halfpixel, a group of webcartoonists who wrote a very helpful book and run a wonderful website. Brad does his own comic, Evil Inc, and I read it every day. I love his work.

A year ago, when I was trying to do Kapu Cove ( my storyline comic) I had emailed him randomly asking for his opinion. I didn’t think he’d respond, but he did. I keep the email pinned to my desk’s cork board to this day.

“If you have a strong, firey passion to make comics, you’ll find a way to do it i and do it right – no matter what. Start posting that comic. The way you want it posted. There’s your pep talk. Now get to work. 🙂 “

Wow. That really just was the thing I needed to hear. Ever since then, when I get distracted, or in a rut, I think back to that pep talk and that really gets me going.

I know this whole post is lame and corny, but I dont’ care. If by some insane chance you read this, Thanks Brad. You continually get me back on the right track with one little email.