Okay, I owe you folks an explanation. Last week on twitter I said that this week’s comics were going to be an experiment. Basically, without warning, I stuck to one “comic strip” for the whole week. I wanted to see how that would go, both on my production end, and the folks that read Thelbert.

Paully and Khaki were my test subjects. They started out as something I had done way back in my early days of cartooning.

What started out as re-hashing something from my past, I tried to make it into a parody of newspaper comics. I dunno if that came across though. Oh well. I had fun with it and I hope you enjoyed it too.

Problem is, I wanna do lots of different things in my comics. Thelbert was the “Catch all” for my ideas. Since I started, the comic has been mostly centered on the cartoon “me” and that’s great. I always kinda wanted it to be partly a journal comic, if you will.  However, I’m afraid if that’s all I do, I’ll get bored! So I’d like to branch out and do some things with story lines and other characters. I’m not going to make the whole of Thelbert about these things…they’ll just be specials of the month or something like that.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about this, please leave some, or talk to me on twitter or facebook! Also, please tell your buds on facebook about the Thelbert Comics Group!

Hope yall have a great weekend!