Whee! Back on the “webcomic bicycle” today! Sorry for the hick up earlier this week. I hope you enjoyed Rob Scott’s awesome guest strip from yesterday! Please check out his work on Dumpster Bunnies!

A few slight changes have gone in effect with the site. You might notice the comic is larger than usual. I changed the layout to a 3 column setting. This gives me larger comics and room on either side of the blog posts for some ad space.

I’ve set up some Project Wonderful ads on the site…mostly as a test. I’d like to get a few of my webcomic pals to put up some skyscraper ads to their sites. Right now the ads on Thelbert are gonna be $0 cause there’s no need to charge for them right now. I’m thinking of keeping them this way for at least a month. I’m in the works of trying to get a larger readership so I’ll be buying adspace as well.

Also, there’s now an Archive page where you can go and hit links to all the comics I’ve posted! Pretty cool! Check it out!

I’m also toying with the idea of selling some original artwork. All these doodely comics are on their own sheet of paper. It’s hard to try to sell artwork from the larger strips because I do SO much digitally. To balance that I was also thinking of doing commission illustrations. But that’s later down the road!

See ya next time!