A word about upcoming updates and Mini Series plans:

I am currently trying to determine if my computer is indeed on it’s last leg. As of right now, I’m 85% sure it’s the fan that is causing some horrible noises. The possibility of losing my computer forever, if not a very long time, is a real threat and because of this, I have decided not to release my mini series just yet. A friend, and fellow artist (far more talented and wise than I, mind you.) suggested to me that I finish the total mini series before posting it. This would give me time to handle my computer, get the comic the way I want it, as well as let me do better promos for the comic.

My plan (until something bad happens) is to update Thelbert with silly/dumb/stupid comics during the week while I work on MAGE. Obviously, I want the mini series to be the focus of my attention and talent, so the Thelbert update schedule will be erratic. Just like my life right now. 🙂

Also, I’d like to thank some friends who have been very encouraging lately. So, thanks, David, Marcus, Fields and Jonathan. You guys are good motivators. 🙂