I’m totally guilty of being a World of Warcraft player. Recently I’ve taken to a Worgen Hunter, which was a surprisingly nice change of pace from my Horde home server.  Everything was going really hunky dory as I was trying to cope with being a horrible monster wolf man. That is, until I got to the little town of Darkshire. Right away the town guard wanted me to go out into the woods and kill hundreds of my fellow (albeit feral) Worgen.

I found that pretty offensive. Here I am, with a terrible curse on me, always having to be a viscous wolf man (again, not feral. in WoW lore the playable Worgen have their minds under control) trying to cope with that as a character….and this bitch wants me to kill my own kind. These aren’t monsters, they are sick people! They need help, not violence!

I find it ironic also, that the Alliance is totally cool with the Gilnean people having the Curse and being monsters because that was something that was done to them and was out of their power to prevent or control. However, the exact same thing happened to the Forsaken, only they are undead zombies. What’s the difference? Maybe dogs smell less?

I dunno. I’m just ashamed I wrote a multi paragraph blog post on World of Warcraft anything.

Till next time, friends!